Fastest Fingers In The West

It is not every day that a company exceeds your expectations. So I thought that this company deserved a positive review. I recently needed some custom software built for my company. I needed it to integrate with my current software system. It was a huge job, that I expected to take a good year to complete. I was referred to Clear Wave Software for my custom needs. After meeting with them and going over my needs and wants, they assured me that it was very doable and they could get started on it right away. They have a crack team of programmers that got right on it. They had everything completed and ready for delivery in 4 months. I was shocked at their speed and skills. Everything was perfect. The new system ran great and had no bugs.

They also went above and beyond by looking at my companies web site and offered to revamp it. So after seeing their abilities, I said “sure, have at it”. I did not know that they specialized in web development in Modesto of all places. ┬áThe new look and feel was awesome. It was much easier to navigate. The colors were very complimentary as well.

Once they built it, they also surprised me further by getting my site ranked in the top 3 searches on google. They called it seo in the Modesto area. That alone in crease my sales in the first month my 23%.

Needless to say, I have been impressed. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs any computer based worked done. They do work outside the local area as well. They are actually world wide. They just happen to be based in Modesto Ca.


Clean Teeth Happy Mouth

I have a cool and unique take on getting your teeth cleaned. My wife just went to another country and spent some time with family. While she was there, she wanted to get a teeth cleaning. She described how they did it, and let me tell you, we should sure be thankful for the high quality Dentists we have here in the united states.

Let’s start with how they make you dress for a simple 15 minute teeth cleaning. They have their clients wear a full hospital gown, cap, and head cover. My wife didn’t know why at first. Then the Dentist brought out this white powdery substance. Apparently instead of professional grade tooth paste, they use this powder to clean your teeth. So when the Dentist put this stuff on the cleaning brush and turned it on, a cloud of powder wafted over my wife’s face. She was instructed not to breath through her mouth because it is not good to inhale this stuff. So she had to breath through her nose. But she told me that it is impossible not to breath that stuff in because it is everywhere. When they were done, she looked at herself in a mirror and her entire face was caked in white. It took her about 15 minutes to get all of this stuff off of her face before she left. She needed more wipes than she could count. And afterwards, her teeth hurt for a few hours.

You never think about how simple things that we don’t even think about are done in other countries. We definitely take things for granted without even knowing it sometimes. We live in Modesto California, and spent a long time looking for the best Modesto Dentist, but after this experience, they are all the best.

So next time you are bummed because you have to go to the Dentist, just think about how others have to do things. Then appreciate what you get to do.